WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

Audiovisual Installation
Single Channel Video, Stereo Sound, 20min


LUX is the last Granular~Synthesis installation reflecting on digital technology as framework for creating a second, man made, vaguely simulation based, nature. LUX is part of a body of work including <360> (2002), MINUS (2002), RESET (2001), and FELD (2000).

The audience experiencing LUX enters through a light blocking gate into a dark space, with a single video projection on the opposite side of the entrance as the single light- and visual element. Carpet on the floor allows for sitting or lying down.

Sound appears to be inherent to the image and vice the versa.  Both sound and image represent two qualities of one aesthetic creation.  Any motion, change or reorganization of the visual and sonic formations function as a unified field, any modulations of the video in light and color, causing equal modulations in the sound.

The sound, synchronized to visuals, is a densely woven ambient electronic fabric, organic yet artificial, ebbing and flowing in intensity and chnage over time.
A battery of subwoofers spread an energetic, physical rumble - and at times a slow pulse - evenly, rather than creating distinct sound events at localizable positions.

The overall structure and length of the piece supports the perception of an endless continuum. The duration of the loop is approximately 20min.